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Welcome to Headway

We are Headway DNA Pty Ltd, registered company (Australia) ABN 22 639 865 526, but we call ourselves “we” or “us” and everyone else calls us “Headway”. Our home and registered office is Level 25, RBS Tower, 88 Philip Street, Sydney NSW Australia.

These are our general Terms and Conditions but because your data and privacy are the most important things to us we have created a dedicated Privacy Policy.

By registering as a User, you acknowledge acceptance of these User terms and conditions. There isn’t anything here that you wouldn’t expect to find, or that isn’t good common sense. Please take a few moments to glance over them and check you’re happy with them.

We have a few sensible disclaimers:

It’s obvious, but we need to state that we reserve the right to remove anything inappropriate from the Headway Platform and whilst we take all reasonable care and effort to ensure our service is reliable and accurate, we’re sure you understand that it is impossible to guarantee that everything we publish is always 100% accurate.

For this reason we cannot accept any liability if anything is wrong, or if you unfortunately incur any loss of money, opportunity or reputation caused by using our platform.

Similarly, whilst we maintain vigilance and up-to-date security, we cannot guarantee that viruses or other tech nasties will not happen, or that the site will be online and working perfectly 100% of the time.

So, if anything does break, please flag it and bear with us whilst we fix it. We will try to schedule routine maintenance outside peak working hours and alert you to such maintenance if we think it might affect you.

We will, however, be happy to help resolve any issues in any way we can, just as we’re here to support you when things are going well.

Intellectual property and copyright

After all the work we’ve put in, all Intellectual Property in the Headway DNA Platform and any associated copy, documentation, services, the website, and all underlying systems are and remain the property of Headway. We retain the copyright to any material on this site, including the text, graphics, code, design and software.

The information you provide as well as your personal information, this is your property, and we will take care of it on your behalf. Please read our Privacy Policy.

If you wish to use any of our material, please ask us first – although you’re welcome to download or print a single copy of anything for your own non-commercial use. Just don’t use it elsewhere, please.

Confidentiality of DNA results

Headway will not share your DNA results with anyone without your express consent. This is done by using the “Share” feature. If you choose to share with your Sponsor, results shared will be limited to individual result summaries. If you choose to share with your “Headway Administrator” results shared will be limited to de-identified aggregates. Your “Headway Administrator” may be Corporate Human Resources, Head of Memberships or Head of Students/Alumni, depending on whether you are in a company, an association or an educational institution. If you choose to share with others for peer-to-peer coaching, then results shared will include development recommendations.

If one of your “Tribe Members” chooses to share their information with you, please remember that being shared with is a privilege and a demonstration of trust. Please be respectful of their privacy as we do yours (and theirs).

User accounts

User accounts are protected using passwords which can be changed at any time via the Password Reset page.

You are responsible for ensuring the security of your own password and must ensure that there is no unauthorised access to your account. Individuals are responsible for any disclosure of information as a result of mismanaged passwords.

Thank You

Headway is Your Career Development Platform. Our aim is to put YOU at the centre of everything we do. We hope you benefit hugely from your subscription to Headway and that in some small way we have been able to play a part in your growth, your development and your success.

If you have any suggestions about how we can improve Headway DNA, please get in touch – we welcome your feedback and will do all we can to improve ourselves and what we do in full support of your Career Journey.

Last updated 03 December 2018