Soft Skills Capability Matching

We all know hard skills and domain expertise are essential to a successful hire, but what about soft skills?

These attributes were often intangible in the past. Headway brings the missing piece of soft skills measurement to the recruitment industry.

We partner with ambitious firms to grow their client base and place more candidates.

Hire Better

Match candidate soft skill capabilities to your role requirements.

You get better candidates

  • Soft Skills Role Definition Wizard – an easy way to a better position description
  • Candidate Soft Skills Mapped – so you understand their capabilities and attract the right talent
  • Targeted Interview Questions – gives you the soft skills questions you need to assess candidates
  • Role Matching Report – so your client can make fully informed hiring decisions

They get a better candidate experience

  • Soft Skills Analysis – so all your candidates know what their soft skills strengths are
  • 12-month Development Plan – to help all your candidates with their professional development
  • Role Specific Development Plan – to help them hit the ground running and be setup for success

Are Your Candidates ‘In the Zone’?

When role complexity exceeds individual capability your placements can end up feeling stressed and anxious.

When individual capability exceeds role complexity your placements can end up feeling bored and disengaged.

Being In the Zone means that your candidates are a good match to the role, and are more likely to be confident, engaged and successful.

Headway helps you be more confident in a good candidate match by supplementing ‘gut feel’ with soft skill metrics.

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