People Development Made Easy

Headway is the soft-skills development platform for managers and their people.

You Can Now Measure the Capability of Your People

Personalised 12-month Plan

Every individual receives a personalised 12-month plan that identifies their strengths and areas of development opportunity.

Consolidated Reporting for Managers

Management receive consolidated reports informing them how to most effectively invest their training and development expenditure across the organisation.

Self-directed Career Development

Everyone has the information and support they need to take responsibility for developing their own professional capabilities and advancing their own careers.

And enable them to take responsibility for their own development.

The whole organisation benefits from:

  • More Innovation at every level
  • Aligned and confident Leadership
  • Increased staff Retention
  • Higher levels of employee Engagement
  • Greater Productivity and effectiveness
  • Better overall organisational Performance

Are Your People ‘In the Zone’?

Managers often rely upon their own personal experiences and gut feel to assess and support their team with their professional development.

Personal judgement should always play a role in evaluation, but reliance on this alone means that the individuals you are nurturing may not be receiving the advice and guidance they need to succeed.

Headway provides you with the information you need to help others be their best.

Being able to measure soft skill capabilities means that you can design the right roles and ensure a match to role complexity.

This is called being ‘In the Zone’.

In the Zone illustration

Everything Starts with Headway DNA.