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The difference between Soft Skills and Personality Traits

When people learn about soft skills for the first time, many are confused by what this means and often assume it to be another way of saying “Personality Traits”. So, we thought we’d help make the distinction.

A Personality Trait is a particular characteristic, quality or tendency that defines your character and nature and a Personality Type is a cluster of personality traits that commonly occur together.

If you find a role, an organisation a profession or an industry that matches your personality the more likely that you will be happy and fulfilled in that role.

The term “Soft Skills” simply came about as an antonym to “Hard Skills” to describe the less tangible nature of technical knowledge or subject matter expertise. However, as a result many people are confused by what this means and often assume “Soft Skills” to be another way of saying “Personality Traits”.

Your personality may indicate what job you like to do but your “Soft Skills” define how good you are at it.
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