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Soft Skills are the new Hard Skills

In this complex, competitive, data-driven world everything is moving faster and faster. It’s a world characterised by continual change, ubiquitous connectivity and almost unlimited access to knowledge resources.

Organisations these days have very little time to acquire, integrate, develop, protect and safeguard knowledge. It just takes too long. By the time you have done all this everything has changed again.

As a result, we find that the relevance of qualifications and knowledge (i.e. hard skills) are decreasing at higher rates. In other words, disruption has now become the norm and it’s the very nature of technology automation and machine learning to target hard skills as low hanging fruit.

Soft skills remain the bastion of human intelligence, creativity, problem-solving and innovation. This is the reason everybody is talking about the importance of soft skills. It’s a global topic that has been gaining momentum. It’s no wonder soft skills are now being regarded as more important than hard skills.

What works now is only temporary.
Your subject matter expertise is transitory.
Your soft skills are for life.
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