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Headway helps you develop Professional Fitness

In the same way that athletes with more developed physical fitness can compete at higher levels of sport, individuals with more developed professional fitness can succeed in roles with higher levels of complexity.

Physical Fitness refers to the 4 core transferrable skills required for any athletic sport: Strength, Agility, Speed and Endurance.
Professional Fitness refers to the 4 core transferrable skills required for any business role: Communication, Analysis, Design and Engagement.

Headway is your professional coach in a box

As we progress our careers we will need to learn how to operate in increasingly complex work environments, address increasingly difficult business problems and contribute greater value to our organisations.

Some people operate effectively in well-structured, predictable environments and others enjoy unpredictable, highly ambiguous situations.

Whatever your preference is, Headway helps determine where you are most capable at work and where you can develop your soft skills to achieve your true potential.

My soft skills development is no longer ambiguous, I have a clear, actionable plan.
I have the information I need to take responsibility for my own career development.
I can discuss my skills and career development with my manager, with clarity and purpose.
I’m recognised in my organisation for my capabilities and experience, not just my current job.

Soft skills are the new hard skills

We work in a rapidly evolving business world. Technology and other market-shaping forces means that knowledge and roles are only temporary.

More than ever before we are changing professions, switching industries and having multiple careers.

Through all this change however, one thing remains the same and that is the importance of developing your transferrable soft skills.

Headway DNA helps you understand your unique mix of soft skills and provides you with a personalised roadmap to help you develop them.

Your soft skills are critical to your career development
Headway is your soft skills development partner
Headway is your professional coach in a box

Managers and HR

Headway is your professional coach in a box

Organisations can now support ALL their staff with the same care and attention traditionally given to only a chosen few, at a fraction of the cost.