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Your Problem-Solving Skills

These are the skills you need to operate in increasingly complex work environments, address increasingly difficult business problems and deliver greater value to your organisation.

Listening is ‘Hearing’ with interest and attention. People have different ways of listening.
How to take what you have heard or already know and apply it in a different context or for a different audience.
Putting thoughts and information into a medium others can interpret.
Personal delivery of information or ideas to a group or an individual.
What ideas and information you communicate and how you communicate them.
Applying a logical, scientific approach to problem solving and decision-making.
How you apply your thought process to new situations and problems.
Objectively measuring and considering information to aid decision-making.
Determining which option or action is best.
Your ability to define, choose and commit to a course of action.
Embracing innovative thinking to add value.
Considering how all the facets interconnect to deliver a sustainable outcome.
Replicating or reflecting a subject or situation to get clarity and insight.
Determining what you need to do, how you're going to do it and the resources required.
Producing specific results and achieving measurable outcomes.
Your ability to put yourself in another person’ situation, and know what they're going through.
Understanding how your role and behaviours fit within the working community, and impact on it.
Getting everyone on the same page to find common ground, and agree on shared outcomes.
Getting people to consider ‘thinking and doing’ differently to the usual way of ‘thinking and doing’.
Working with and through people to achieve outcomes.
The 20 soft skills required for successful problem solving.
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