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Headway DNA is all about you.

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Headway DNA, it’s all about you

Career and professional development is hard. Discovering what you are good at, what you like and what you need to do to improve is frustrating and for many people and it can feel like wandering around in the dark.

Individual care and attention is often only affordable for a chosen few... until now.

Headway DNA is a Development Needs Analysis that provides you with personalised advice to enhance your capabilities, help you accelerate your career and achieve your true potential.

When it comes to professional development everyone deserves individual care and attention.
Headway DNA provides the guidance you need to develop your capabilities and enhance your career.
Growth and happiness in your job has a profound impact on your success, and that of the organisation.
Headway DNA is a development needs analysis that helps you to achieve your true potential.

The Headway system

Just like the human DNA identifies our individual traits and indicates what might lie ahead, Headway DNA helps to determine where you are most capable at work and where you can develop your capabilities to achieve your true potential.

We believe that personal growth and happiness in your career has a profound impact on your success. The Headway DNA will help you improve your capabilities, be your best and enhance your career experience.

The Headway System provides you with a development roadmap and a way of communicating and understanding the learning and development you need to focus on to further develop your capabilities.

My professional development needs are no longer ambiguous, I have a clear roadmap to enhance my career prospects
I know my development profile and I can take responsibility for my own professional development
I can understand why I have been more successful in some aspects of my role, and not so much in others
I can engage my manager about my professional and career development with clarity, focus, intent and purpose 
I have a rich set of benchmarked information about me and what I need to do to be successful
I am recognised in my organisation for my capabilities and experience, not just my current job title

Your DNA says a lot about you

Your Capabilities

The Headway Capability Quadrant looks at 20 specific capabilities (across 4 domains) that everyone needs to develop as part of their career and professional development.

Your Capability Viewfinder

Your Capability Viewfinder shows you where your strengths lie relative to one another and provides you a high level view of the capability areas you might like to focus on over the next 12 months.

Your Complexity Space

Your Complexity Space is about how comfortable you are in your role and working environment. Some people prefer structured, predictable environments, others enjoy challenging, highly ambiguous situations.

Your Development Actions

Your Development Actions provides you with personalised recommendations to help you develop your skills and capabilities to achieve your true potential.

Managers and HR

Headway DNA provides an organisational-wide ‘scan’ of your people; bringing together for the first time all the critical information you need to understand where, when and how to help your people enhance their professional capabilities.